My Creation Story

As part of my last Masters in Conscious Leadership Workshop we were inspired to write Our Creation Story and it was such a wonderful experience. This exercise followed a discussion about the importance of a ‘myth’ in connection.

The stories that came forth were all beautiful, unique, very moving and inspiring and I would like to share mine here. I would like to encourage everyone to take some time out and free flow write on this topic and see what shows itself to you. Definitely worthwhile. Much love xo

This story is a story within many stories of a place within a place, and energy within energy , colour in layers of colours, sound within vibration, vibration and beauty.

A vastness, an expansiveness, an all-ness, a one-ness, that had ceased the ability to expand beyond where it found itself.

A need arose from this momentary stillness, the need to expand in a new way. A need perhaps or a shift, a change.

This caused a void which created space for a new creation and an infinite number of new creations to occur, ongoing, eternal, multifaceted, a harmony, a wave.

So in the darkness, in one of these voids, an explosion occurred, in some ways quite small and yet in another absolutely, overwhelmingly huge , miraculous and unique.

A spark, a light, created from love, from sacred union by divine design. A design of complete perfection , as a gift unto itself – a creation and creator in one infinitesimal and yet infinite spark of light.

In this darkness the spark expanded, it expanded and thought began in a new way. As the energetic memory of its previous place, of its previous form and existence, of being, state of being began to fade away, the thought came….”What am I?”

Then the answer…”A HUman”, followed by another question “What is a HUman?”

The silence and darkness continued for some time then the transition yet again into a new light. The light this time on the outside, daylight on a planet known as Earth. Another newness.

Further expansion, more growth, a new journey – yet deeply and intrinsically connected to the journey that came before, that runs next to this journey, that is within this journey, that also exists outside this journey. A journey that leads the spark, the light back to itself and as it travels this winding path, it continues to expand and grow.

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