“Before first meeting Annabel via Zoom I could already feel her calm and protective energy, making me feel quite comfortable and at ease about shifting some heavy energies. Annabel was amazing! She guided me through the process with so much love and positivity. The changes I felt during the session were pure magic and the changes that followed in the weeks after the session were even more spectacular! Annabel made me feel so welcomed and like we’d been friends forever. I cannot explain how amazing this experience was!

— Jack R

“Thank you to Annabel for the Alchemical transformational session. I have practised tapping for years now but Annabel had a way of explaining it that really broke through my brain! Being an “up in my head” type, I really value skilled practitioners who can help me to move down to my heart space. I am reinvigorated to practice the EFT and do so in a way that garners more self acceptable. I found the movements and sounds that she showed me very helpful for grounding and put me in a comfortable place to look into the depths of my past. My intuition tells me that being in that safe place and having the space held by Annabel, is where the transformation begins and I am so glad I am on the path. Though I think we would all prefer face to face and in person connection, sometimes that is not viable and the video chat option worked well. Before my session I felt I had so many things to work on. Annabel encouraged me to set one clear intention and I left the session feeling calm, relieved, accepted and also with things to ponder and put into practice. Thank you for your guidance, skills and special way of cutting through the noise to understanding and transformation.

— Asha C

“Annabel is a caring and compassionate practitioner who I can highly recommend.

After seeing Annabel for TBT I was surprised how quickly I started to feel better and reap the health and emotional benefits so quickly. I was made to feel comfortable and supported. Thank you.”

— D’Angelo Kaik

“The transformational trauma healing session I had with Annabel was incredible. She helped me shift a blockage of energy that I have had since childhood. Although it was uncomfortable, she guided me in a safe and calming manner. The whole time I felt supported and secure. I was so surprised of how quickly the shift happened and that it has been long lasting! I am forever great full for the transformation she helped coach me through!”

— Tash F

“I have had quite a few sessions with Annabel from eft to personal development to reiki, meditation, with huge transformations. Suffered with anxiety and with Annabel’s work we have got through the tough times and she had taught me the tools on selfcare and to live in the moment. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help and support xx”

— Anna M

“Annabel helped me conquer my fear of the dentist, which I’ve had since I was a little kid. I never thought I would ever be even the slightest bit comfortable in a dentist chair, but I am now.

Through her easy techniques and incredibly understanding and supportive nature, I can safely say that I am no longer living in fear.”

— Juliette J

“Thank you for the call we had. It definitely cleared some blocks for me and since then I feel like it’s just continued to clear. I feel so much more clarity and like I have direction without the blocks.”

— Lisa H

“Annabel is special.  I am thankful to have had a session with her.  I am looking forward to more.  She has a very pure motherly vibe and creates a safe space to be vulnerable.  Thank you Annabel xx.”

— Desiree Maria