I have had the grace of living through so many things in my life. I have had brilliant times and I have had terrible times.

Experience is the best teacher.

My name is Annabel and my passion has always been helping others.

I was born in Switzerland and I have always been sensitive and an empath. It has been part of my life journey learning that we are all different and not everyone feels and senses other peoples emotions the way I do. I always felt things deeply and as a young child had a sense of being guided and protected. I recall what I believe to be my first thoughts and they were “What am I?” and a bit later on in life “What is my purpose? What am I here for?” I remember constantly asking that question for years and waiting for an answer….for years until I stopped asking.

As I grew older, life challenges created a disconnection from my true self and I immersed myself in my HUman journey – I forgot about the feeling of protection. My journey since those earlier years has been back to remembering, to my true self and back to full consciousness and knowing.

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to have children of my own and my children Kira and Lucas have been such a blessing and gifts that keep giving. I have expanded so much through love, challenge and reflection and they have certainly been one of my greatest teachers. BEing a mother is an honour and an ongoing motivation to continue BEing the best version of myself, ever evolving.

I know that whatever growth, expansion, unlearning and healing that happens within me – ultimately will also benefit them, my whole family, community and the world. We are energetic beings so whatever changes within me….. ripples out from me.

Some of my Joys are sharing and teaching the Sacred Healing Way of Living with Reiki practice since 2005. Facilitating, holding space and sharing in Women’s circles in person and via Zoom utilising the gifts of movement including Qi Gong and brain gym, meditation and sound healing. Holding space for groups of women to help guide them to their own innate wisdom, strength and beauty brings my heart happiness.

I have had the blessing of BEing involved in a Young Warrior Youth Camp and helping young women reclaiming their beauty, sovereignty and power. One of my latest and biggest growth journeys was in February 2020 where I created a healing space and co-facilitated a retreat for over 150 women, with 30 other amazing facilitators including Elizabeth Gilbert.

Life is such an ongoing, expansive and fun adventure and I am so grateful to BE here at this transformational time and for the many gifts that I am blessed to share.