Overthinking… is it the truth?

Quite often I like to look deeper into things in order to allow more exploration and reach a deeper level of a subject. Words are one of the things I like to explore more and I find it exciting when I learn how some words have originated and also break them down and find what I believe is quite a different meaning to my first concept of the word itself.

When it comes to the word – Over thinking – my question is – does it mean Above thinking?

Thinking above the original thought, raising our awareness beyond the subconscious? Beyond the programs and beliefs that we have established in our life?

When someone else says to you that you ‘overthought’ something – what do you make of that? Are they judging your level of thinking? Are they in disagreement with your thoughts? Or are they trying to keep your thinking to a lower level, trying to keep you small or are they not willing to grow above their current understanding themselves?

There is of course multi layers to all things and another way we can look at overthinking is when we think in circles. This could be another way of interpreting the word. This is where the feeling of ‘overthinking’ actually rings true for me. When I think of this word and feel a ‘heavier’ energy  (when I see it in a ‘negative’ light) which I believe we quite often do.  I would be prone to apply it to this pattern of thinking.

We have probably all done this many times in our lives, when we have been caught in a loop of our own thinking. Going in circles endlessly. In this place there is usually the lack of asking ourselves questions or we ask ourselves the same questions, which keeps the perpetual loop happening. Our feelings seem to amplify as we do this and they are usually ‘heavy’ feelings like anger, frustration, sadness and can lead to anxiety and depression.

There are ways out of this and sometimes we just need a little help from someone else. There is a need to step out of the loop and out of our own minds and one of the ways to do this is to speak out loud to someone that you can trust, someone that has the ability to hear you and in turn this allows you to hear yourself. They don’t need to give you advice or an answer – maybe just a question to enable you to explore in a different way.

We actually have all the answers that we need within ourselves but bringing our thoughts out into the open, speaking out loud, helps us to hear it ourselves and allows the cycle to change. Another way that may work is to write the problem or issue down on a piece of paper and explore different questions to come to new thoughts, new understanding and new feelings.

As with all things in this life, there is good and bad feelings that can come from our thoughts and ultimately its up to us as to what thoughts we choose and then that leads to how we feel in any given moment.

The good news is that we can choose our thoughts.

We can change our thoughts and we can change our feelings.

This is where we can begin to change our lives and our realities.

We can change our lives and our realities.

I hope you get excited when you read those words. I do. I get excited every time that I RE MEMBER this TRUTH.

It takes awareness and some effort but as always – WE ARE WORTH IT.

I loved a recent sticker that I saw on a caravan “Every Day Is Choose Day!”

What thoughts/Feelings are you choosing today?

Much Love to You All as always xo

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