Recognising the Natural Order and the need to Rescue

It has been quite some time since I have written and I am ready now to get back to it :). Lots of time and energy has gone into self care and growth in the last year particularly and I have needed space to give all the energy to myself during this time.

There may be blogs to cover this growth but for now I’d like to share a recent recognition. A story about the humble worm.


This time last year when I was going for walks regularly….I would see worms crossing the footpaths. I saw many worms that had dried out and died on the paths.


From my view as a caring person but also maybe a biased one of playing the role of rescuer. I felt the need to pick up these worms and place them in the grass. I felt good about myself. I needed to take action to feel good about myself.  I rescued many worms…. and felt like a caring, wonderful human being. I did wonder though – why they chose to cross the paths?

Thinking further

After much inner healing, learning and growth this year, I have found myself enjoying my morning walks again and observing the humble earth worm and expanding my thinking beyond last year. Why do these worms choose to cross the path? What is calling them to take this journey? Are they asking for my help?

I believe all beings have a purpose or serve a purpose. I also believe that we are all guided to some level, some extent. Instinct, intuition, life force flows through us – energy, vibration. So if this is the case – who am I to decide where these worms should be? Where they should be going?

I believe my impact on them is my choice – so I chose not to step on them as I walk by. But the deeper thought now is – by picking them up and moving them – am I helping or interfering in the big order of things? Who am I to chose their fate? What other life forms am I impacting by interfering?

I noticed some ants cleaning up one of these worms that had ended its journey mid path… enjoying their meal for the day. Serving their purpose as clean up crew.

It reminds me of the story about the caterpillar that had transformed into the butterfly in the cocoon and the human ‘rescuer’ that saw the butterfly ‘struggling’ to break free. The assumption that struggling is bad…The human then gently cut open the cocoon ‘assisting’ the butterfly to freedom but dooming it to a life without flight. The rescuer didn’t understand that in these last stages of breaking through the cocoon the butterfly completes its metamorphosis and liquid is pumped into the wings and they harden to give it the ability to fly….

There are many things we don’t always know and I know this story may seem simplistic or maybe like I have put too much thought into the crossing of the worms. I feel nature is one of our greatest teachers. The purpose of sharing this story is to encourage everyone to think a bit deeper. The question a bit more. To look at yourself and recognise what is motivating you to make certain choices and take certain actions in life. And to also know that you can continue to grow and learn and change.

I am now choosing to trust that the worms are doing what they need to do (just like the chickens crossing the road😊) , that natural selection is happening, that the right number of worms continue to live and breathe for as long as they are meant to and I am choosing to continue to not step on them but I am also no longer feeling the need to rescue them.

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