The year that was 2016 – challenging, fast paced, quite often overwhelming, tiring and in many ways rewarding. A significant year for many, with many souls passing over in the 9 year of endings and completion – my dear father being one of those souls.

The passing of my father represents the year of contrast for me in many ways. Although it has brought many feelings to be honored to the surface – the one that stands out for me the most is joy.  As I reflect on the circumstances that brought my fathers end to his physical journey, I sit in a space of gratitude and honor to have been able to be a part of such a sacred thing. My initial thoughts were of how fortunate he was to have had my presence in those last moments – it wasn’t long before the recognition came of how it was me that was the fortunate one to have been able to be a part of such an significant event. Fortunate to be chosen to hold such a sacred space and so very blessed to feel the presence of his soul. It was a joyful rebirth and such a feeling of vibrancy that is hard to convey in words. These are not words that I would have envisioned writing a few years ago and are a testament of how far I have come in my journey of understanding in what we know as life and death. It felt to me like my fathers last years were more like he had been only partially alive and that his passing allowed him to become himself fully again.

The celebration of my 50th year also was a landmark in many ways and again the joy with this celebration for me was the recognition of all the wonderful people that I have in my life and the blessings they bring to me.  I have felt such gratitude, humility and honor at feeling such a connection and support from my tribe of women and the community. The end of the year has seen some study, course writing and teaching whilst still running a business, a household with two teenagers and being the main carer and support for my aging mother – all rolled into the same three months – this has been challenging, wonderful, exciting, rewarding and at times exhausting ….

So many lessons and opportunities this year has afforded us. Opportunity to grow, opportunity to heal things from deep within ourselves, opportunity to see the light and to turn towards it even though we feel the pull and sometimes we get stuck wading our way through what seems like mud, quick sand. Like a lotus flower that rises from the depths of the mud and murky waters (the foundation and nourishment) to the beauty of the flower that lays on the surface of the water. Which leads to a great quote I heard last week –

Wisdom is knowledge experienced.” (Thank you James Greenshields).

Don’t be afraid to experience life or to recognize the value of all experiences.

So many of us have said this year that we will be glad to see the end of it. It’s not soon enough for it to be done – 2016 – yet I see all the jewels that this challenging year has brought forward. I see the strength that has been brought through the challenge in peoples lives, compassion, wisdom. I see people supporting and holding each other through the challenges, kindness and love. The opportunity to recognize that we need to continue to work on self care, on being present and mindful and being grateful. Grateful for the people and the blessings that exist in our lives in this moment.

I do encourage people to let go of things that no longer serve them as this year comes to a close but to remember to be grateful also and to open your arms to what the New Year will bring with it. New beginnings, new challenges, new excitement, inspiration.

I have written previously about judging things as good and bad. The expectation of the year ahead being “better” than the year that has passed – I encourage you to recognize that the challenges will be an ongoing thing as we are here to grow and learn in order to expand consciousness and that in fact it is us that have become ‘better’ due to having lived the last year. Like that piece of coal that has been under immense pressure which turns it into a beautiful diamond – in the last year the pressure cooker has continued to apply pressure to that diamond and now we have transformed into diamond dust – star dust. Star Dust shining brightly as a collective of light.

Keep shining brightly and remember to en-joy the journey that we are so privileged to be on together.

And if I may quote from the new Star Wars movie (art reflecting life) – I am the force, the force is with me

or perhaps more appropriately from Matt Kahn –

I am the Light, The Light I am

Blessings and Love to All.

Thank you for reading and sharing my thoughts 💗


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