Life of a Healer

I am living the life of a healer.

Aren’t we all?

Experiencing Love, Joy, Devastation, Exhilaration, Frustration, Pain, Sorrow, Grief, Depression, Struggle, Achievement, Motivation, Unmotivation (is that a word? I’m adding it to the dictionary!), Discomfort, Fear, Bravery, Loneliness, Expansiveness, Smallness, Abandonment, Self loathing, Self loving, Judgement, Disappointment, Heartbreak, Overwhelm, empty, full, amazement, celebration and oh sooo many other things.

Sometimes we look at other people and think “They’ve got it all together.” but what is all together? I think we’re here all – together – sharing the journey of life in different ways.

And for fear of repeating myself but mostly to remind myself (for the times that I forget or wish that things were different) – we are here on this earth to experience contrast. Without the pain – how would we be able to appreciate or fully feel joy?  Without heartache or heartbreak – how would we experience more love?

There are days when I fall completely apart and days when I have it completely together and days of mediocrity in between. The black, the white and the grey…

The days I fall apart I realize how blessed I am to have friends

And the days I have it together I realize how blessed I am to be a friend..

All the things we experience, makes us who we are, expand our hearts, our understanding, our lives.

Some words I want to share : “An elder walks the path, stomps the grass down, and throws the boulders out of the way so that the path is easier for others. Sometimes you might find yourself alone or tired, but know what you’re doing is making a difference in the lives of many. Be a beacon for others.”

May we be blessed with the ability to appreciate all things that life brings us.

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