Wow! Hasn’t this year been moving along at a rapid pace? The energy is continuing to move at an accelerated rate and I think if we are thinking or hoping that it slows down – that would be a wonderful fantasy.

It is exciting, challenging and spurring on more growth. We need to be more aware and constantly adapting our self care regime. If you are like me and have let that self care slip a bit and have found yourself washed away with the constant demands and busy-ness of life – take comfort in knowing – you are not alone. It is merely another opportunity to learn about ourselves – to stop – BREATHE and refresh your goals, your focus, have a chuckle at life and yourself and love exactly where you are at. Try to move away from judging yourself and your circumstances, accept what is and move forward or simply stay still where you are and breathe. Appreciate how amazing it is that you are alive and realize that the rest is a bonus – a game we are here to play -and hopefully enjoy.

So looking at ‘my game’called life I try to reflect on my current challenges, as well as my blessings and take time to decipher what it is that they are bringing to me and my growth. I have found that the things that affect us the most – that touch us to the core – are the things that need attention – to be explored. The observation can initially be about another persons actions but ultimately our feelings are always about ourselves. The best we can do is to observe it and work our way through healing it – to understand our world but ultimately ourselves more deeply.

I choose to see it as a way, an opportunity to love myself more completely

Wishing you all more blessings than you can even imagine 💗

I share my thoughts in the hope that it touches some lives and as we share more of ourselves – it encourages others to do the same.

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