The year, choices and lessons learnt

This year has been filled with so many experiences, challenges, feelings, struggles, joys and triumphs. It seems like time is passing quickly and yet we seem to be able to fit in so much more. A week at times seems like a month has passed with so many experiences and achievements and yet the year seems to have passed in a blink of an eye.

As we near the end of another year it presents an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the year that has passed, to release things that may have caused us to hold onto experiences with negative attachments, to be grateful for all the things we have learnt and all that has been shared with us. Gratitude for our family and friends and community support. The opportunity to open the door and welcome new changes, new experiences, lessons and adventures, which enable emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth.

An interesting thing that I have learnt recently is that not all choices we need to make for ourselves necessarily FEEL good. It’s an interesting thing that we sometimes can mistake feeling good as an indication that the choice we make is right for us, or that we look at it as a confirmation of having made the right choice. One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make – made me feel an enormous amount of emotional pain and sadness. Allowing some time to pass has helped confirm the decision was right because of the sense of peace that I felt within. An interesting lesson -“If you love something – set it free”. This is sometimes so hard to do because of our fears, of losing someone or something or even change itself. Essentially we are all free spirits and don’t ‘belong’ to anyone, we owe it to ourselves to make sure we are happy in our own skin and are doing the best to love ourselves enough to let go of things that aren’t 100% right for us (authenticity within). We never know what the future holds and if we can truly let go then we might be nicely surprised .. given patience, trust and love.

Many people look back at the year that has passed and look to the new year for something “easier” or something “better”. There is no denying that it is good to have a positive outlook but I find the judgement of things as being bad and looking for things that are better – can booby-trap us and set us up for  disappointment.

My thoughts are focused a little bit differently for the year ahead. My intention for all is that we allow assimilation of our lessons in the past to add to our inherent wisdom. For us to be brought closer to our spirit, our true selves, for our connection to our higher selves (the universe, God or whatever you wish to name it) to be clear and audible as it guides us along our paths. To allow ourselves to be kinder, more gentle with ourselves first and foremost and to connect with the pure love that dwells deep within us, the pure love that we are.

I believe that if we set this as our intention – To be unconditionally loving and accepting of ourselves and To love whatever arises – our journeys will be easier to traverse.

My gratitude for being here at this special time with all the amazing souls and the journey we walk together.

May you be blessed – not just in the year ahead but always, in all ways.

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