Re Membering

It just occurred to me, as I was writing a message to a friend, that this is a great time to create a daily space for remembering and BEing grateful for ourselves. Something to celebrate and feel the uniqueness that we each have and how incredible we are just by BEing here.

We have created public holidays to create space to remember and celebrate past events. We hear stories that are told to us as children, in church or through media that speak of greatness in others, courage displayed and we as a nation and as a world celebrate different events and people.  People and events that have happened in our past.

When we think of people that have fought for peace and love and remember them, I feel we owe it not only to them but to ourselves to reach for that love and peace within ourselves, to realise that peace and love begins within ourselves and that is something we do have control over and can choose it every day. When we choose it for ourselves, we are also choosing it for the world we live in.

I could write so much more but today I am keeping it simple, because it really is simple.

I encourage everyone to create a space and time every day to Re member You, to Re connect to the greater part of you that You are, to your Light.

I choose to BE more loving to myself each day (it is a Practice 😊)

I choose to FEEL the peace that is within me each day

and that makes it easier for me to share with others…. ripples in the ocean of life.

Much Love from my heart to yours 🧡

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