Embracing the dark and the light, self-love, and dichotomy may be a dirty word

Leading on from my last blog about searching externally for only good things or focusing entirely on the negative and drowning in that – I would like to take the exploration internally now and acknowledge the need for recognition, for honoring and accepting. Accepting that – which we all are.

It is a journey I am on, and I know if I am on that journey – I am not the only one. I consider myself to be on the path of divine service in this lifetime, this is my dharma. This was again confirmed recently when I was honored the privilege of earning my Master Certificate in Seichim – an ancient form of energy healing -(simple words that do not encompass all that this entails. It is a way of life. A deeper understanding of life and the self. The I AM.) To clarify for those that need it -A Master – simply means that the art has been mastered enough by the person to enable them to teach – to share the gift with others – no more – no less.

Part of that journey then and a challenge is to recognize that we are dual beings. Beings of light and dark. Yin and Yang. Left and right. Good and Bad. Not only, do we need to bring ourselves around to firstly recognizing this, but also to acknowledging it and accepting it.   Embracing it.

Embracing the shadow side of ourselves. For too long, we have pushed it away from ourselves, judged it as bad – unwanted, a burden, disliked, shunned and disconnected from it. Denied it. We strive to only feel happy, to only connect to the light side of us. To be good – to do good. Yet – where there is light – a shadow exists. Where the sun shines, all objects, solid in the third dimension cast a shadow. Not only does it exist – it makes us whole. It is the balance. We need it for growth. For the expansion of our selves and thus the expansion of the universe.

Dichotomy is an interesting word, one a dear friend of mine likes to use on occasion. One of the definitions of the word – dichotomy – is a division or contrast between two things that are, or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. An interesting word. Within opposites (when things are broken down enough) we find similarities or the need for each other – one can not exist without the other, an interconnectedness – so is there indeed a division? or is it merely perceived as such? So is the dark side of us dichotomous to the light side? Separate? Opposite?              I think by the fact that dark and light are a part of a whole -a part of us – when accepted – it creates balance and therefore is not separate. Balance is something we all strive to achieve in so many different ways throughout this life. Sometimes we forget to honor and feel gratitude for those things that appear bad or heavy.

In the last week or so I have had a couple of conversations with clients/friends about some emotional challenges that they were experiencing. In both these scenarios they shared that they felt bad about being upset. Not because their issues or feelings weren’t relevant but because compared to what other people are experiencing in their lives – their issues paled in comparison. I think it is fine to have an awareness of other peoples challenges and to feel compassion, however it would serve us best, I believe, not to judge or minimize our own feelings and the impact things can have in our own lives. It is good to have things in perspective, certainly but we are all here individually to experience life and are no more or less of value than any one else. I feel it is our duty to fully delve into our own experiences, for that is all we can truly know and in this way we honor them and ourselves fully. When we fully feel, explore and honor the lessons we can allow them and thus ourselves to be transformed.

So in closing I feel I need to warn you of a possible side effect. Something that may occur as a consequence of becoming better at accepting your shadow side – you may lose the need to continually judge, punish or berate yourself, your behaviors, your thoughts, your actions and this may inadvertently lead to more self acceptance and self-love. Self-Love – I hear you gasp – how dare we? How dare we not? When we have more of it – we have more to share with everyone around us. Who would like to see and feel more of that?

If you liked this article please share with your friends but above all my wish for us all – To Grow in Self Love with Ease and Grace and

May you be blessed ♥

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