Abundance, Manifestation and Gratitude

As I sit here, ready to write another blog, I see the date and am touched by it’s significance 7/7/2015. Some of my favorite numbers and another master day 22. So many things to be grateful for – in each and every day. A reminder to nurture ourselves, to take some time out and allow the rapid changes that are occurring to be assimilated, to be appreciated and for us, ourselves to regenerate through this winter season.

I have been reflecting on the amazing days since our abundance workshop on winter solstice and am still overwhelmed and in awe of the results. The results for me personally, because that is what I see best, but also for the amplification of that which has flowed to me, by sharing it with others. The reason for the long time between writing has been the overwhelm which ensued, not only the overwhelm of blessings and gratitude but also the overwhelm of challenge and struggle. Two sides of a coin. Yin and Yang. Some of the wisdom that I have gleaned from treating some of my younger clients of late and of my own life experiences, is the importance of acknowledging and truly recognizing the beauty and the necessity of duality. The struggle and the celebration. The pain and the joy. Without one – the other does not exist. How would we know what joy feels like if we have not experienced misery? How would happiness feel had we not experienced sadness? We are here to experience all these things, the fullness of life lies within experiences of the duality. Consciousness expands through us in this way. Yes you read correctly – through our experiences the universe itself expands. Without that – there is nothing.

I ponder why as a society we have been so driven, individually and as a whole to only seek out the good, to always look for greener pastures, to have the fairytale without the villain…or on the other side of this coin to be devastated by the unfairness of the world, the darker sides, the heavier lessons this life has to offer and be consumed by that.

If they are not true reflections of how things are – then why do we seek them so desperately? In the seeking – all the energy that goes into this – we actually miss all the good things that are already right here in front of us and we can go a whole lifetime like this. In trying to run away from the challenges, to hide (under addictions, with denial, avoidance) – we actually can miss the lessons and also the blessings that come with the pain, the discomfort.

It is not, nor has it ever been reality. To have one without the other. Then why do we strive so strongly for it? Is it a ploy to distract us from our true mission? It certainly has distracted mankind for what seems like an eternity.

I feel the shift. It is such a blessing to feel it – to have a true palpable sense of it. There is no ego involved, just true recognition of the blessing and also the honor – of what it is to be connected. It is happening so strongly now – we are realigning with our true selves, with higher awareness and understanding. An avalanche of awareness. The shroud of distraction is being lifted so that we can once again see clearly and move ahead. As a planet, as a people, as energies, spiritual beings united.

With this comes discomfort, panic and fear – change has been known to be scary – it appears to be out of our comfort zone – yet it is part of us. Part of life – every day.

There is so much more that could be said and is being said. An abundance of information and knowledge and yet – it is not complicated nor does it have to be hard. It just needs to be recognized, to be allowed, shown the light of day, transformed with love and then to allow the next thing then to arise. Enjoy the journey, enjoy each moment – it is indeed a gift to each and every one of us to be – to just be – here on this planet – at this time.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and I hope you feel inspired to share with others also.

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