The power of the collective, connection and listening to our emotions

The power of the collective. Our true power lies in our connection to each other. It is also one of our greatest needs – to feel connected.

This is one of the most wonderful things that I have witnessed at this time. Our desire and striving to remain connected at this time of challenge and physical division.

I have been observing an underlying heavier energy that is creating division at this time – even the name ‘Social distancing’ seems manipulative. The fear, of these words and actions to enforce these words, have brought into our reality have been very visceral and observed personally by me in the supermarket a couple of days ago.

It is not a useful or accurate term- it is PHYSICAL distancing that we are being forcefully coerced into practicing. The word Social in the distancing is inferring that we are not safe to communicate with each other, not safe to support each other. This is one of our deepest fears. It has been one of mine – to be alone.

This writing is not to discourage or encourage any kind of action… only to spur the reader onto deeper thought and awareness about current circumstances and your reactions, actions and choices of response and to hopefully bring a more relaxed state of BEing, observance and kindness into your daily lives.

I want to share here my recent personal dive into fear, that I was experiencing and in sharing, hope that it will encourage you also to look at and address the fear you maybe feeling at this time, or perhaps have been doing your best to avoid feeling. I have found that I have in the past avoided feeling many things, it’s not always been a conscious choice – to avoid feeling – but more of a survival instinct and I know that I am not alone in this.

The volume of the current situation is so high that we can no longer ignore these feelings and I am so glad that I have invested a significant amount of time and energy into personal work in the last few years with the help of some amazing individuals and now have some fabulous tools that I can use to help myself navigate the shifting sands.

So I decided to allow myself to write down and feel the fear. Some of my words – I am afraid to be alone yet I want to be left alone – to have space, time to myself, to reflect and nurture myself. So I sat and wrote – Fear I hear you, I see you, speak to me freely now and let me know what I need to know and ….I listened.

Fear – ‘I am here to keep you safe. I have always been here to keep you safe. This is my one and only job. It is my purpose. It is your mind that likes to play tricks on you. To stay in control, to move you by manipulating you in certain directions. The circumstances appearing in your world around you now have always been needed and coming. The circumstances in your life are all part of your growth and expansion.

I am here to keep you safe. Stop judging me, stop being afraid of me, stop not listening to me, stop not feeling me, I am an important part of you, you need me, just love and accept me – be my friend as I am yours.’

So what I learnt about FEAR – ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ is true however it is an emotion that has and can keep me safe, it is an important job in this physical incarnation. It is the games the mind can play that I need to be aware of and what is a real threat and what is not! Fear itself is not bad or a threat.

I can take deep breaths and focus on what is in front of me and engage my conscious brain and decide how I need to react and how I choose to feel.

I recognise the duality in the whole scenario – physical distancing and this virus has connected the people on the planet like never before. It has allowed us to feel our humanity. It has enforced us to slow down and take a whole review of our lives and how we are living them. How our actions affect each other and Mother Earth.

I encourage you all to stop and think for yourselves, consider everyone and Mother Earth – take the best action that you can in each moment….and then take another deep breath.

Sending love from my heart to yours ❤️❤️❤️

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