Law of Attraction

A good friend of mine has encouraged me to begin something new – blogging. I sense the need to move with the times but some uncertainty of where to start seemed a good excuse for a while… until now. So many things that are exciting and interesting and challenging in our lives these days. Today I choose – The Law of Attraction.

There is a lot of useful and wonderful articles on the law of attraction but sharing one of my own experiences may be helpful.

One of the latest challenges for my two teenage children and myself has been the impending sale of the rental home we currently live in.

After a couple of very challenging years, which included 3 house moves in a year (I had only moved 3 times in my life time) – we had been very relieved and pleased when we at last found this wonderful home in August of 2013. I just recently found our list, that we had made as a family, of things that were important to us in our new home and that we hoped to manifest. I had totally forgotten that we had made that list which included things like heating, space for a treatment room, decent size yard in a nice neighborhood, near friends, a place full of light and a nice decent size bath. This home covered all those things and more and we felt blessed to find it and enjoy living here immensely. So you can imagine how we all felt when we were advised in August of last year that the current owners were intending to sell it. The last thing we wanted to do was to move again!!

I struggled with emotions that arose in me to begin with and to be honest it did take some time to work my way through those. Especially with the intrusion of our private space by the owners, who weren’t very considerate or kind and the rental agents, who have been less than helpful – most of the time. The continued interruption to daily life to allow perspective buyers to view the place whilst trying to run a business and take care of two teenagers.

As the months went by and my clients asked about the sale, I kept repeating that the ideal solution for us would be that another investor would buy it and allow us to continue to rent. It was a possibility but not a probability due to the higher price range of the home. I kept repeating that and honestly felt that this is our home.

We did the practical things of having a garage sale and clearing out the old, which needed to happen in any case. I also stayed true to myself by keeping the home clean, tidy and presentable. I also ventured at looking around the area for a possible new place to reside but nothing appealed to me, mostly due to the fact that I felt this is where we are meant to be – for now.

I kept looking at all the nice things that this home brings to us and feeling such gratitude for it. I did this on a daily basis whilst trying to not get too upset about the continued intrusion – in fact as I cleaned the place I kept feeling gratitude for being here and allowed those feelings to be stronger than the annoyance of the intrusion and interruptions.

I am pleased to finish this sharing with the good news that this home has in fact been sold to new investors whom I have met and are lovely people. This has been such a relief for the children and myself and such a blessing! They are happy to continue renting the home to us, in fact it was a condition of their purchase. I am amazed and pleased at this outcome. A fine example of the Law of Attraction at work. I will write an article in the next week or so on a few things to make the law of attraction work in your lives.

May you be blessed. ♥

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