Trauma Buster Technique

Therapist Level achieved 11/2014

Trauma Buster Technique is a comprehensive mind-body energy psychology technique that eliminates trauma. It is a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is used to reduce or eliminate symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress such as : Flashbacks, Hyper vigilance and Disassociation.

It is a synthesis of Western Psychology and acupuncture meridien stimulation, known as energy-psychology in the USA where it was developed. In this system – the body and mind are utilized as a single healing tool to bring about changes in the psyche of the trauma sufferer. Stimulating the acupoints by tapping brings relief from traumatic experiences and allows those emotions to shift.

Research has shown that tapping literally changes brain chemistry by stimulating the flow of endorphins which result in mood and behaviour shifts. Cortisol levels are shown to fall when tapping is done while the sufferer is in an anxious or stressful state. It also modulates the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems which play an important role in the bodys’ natural ability to respond to stress.

It is a very easy but powerful process for interrupting negative neurological patterns of thinking and therefore bringing about internal change.

The results are lasting and permanent.

It is effective on recent, long standing, on complex or simple traumas.

It is especially helpful in helping people to change negative and unwanted beliefs.

It can be used for any events that cause people to feel anxious, stressed or depressed. The traumas do not need to be extreme to get the relief people desire.