Energy Healing

Reiki Master 27/10/2005, Advanced Seichim, Crystal Healing

These are natural forms of healing therapy. They aim to promote relaxation and wellbeing. They help to re-balance the body’s energy flow.


It is a magical and wonderful feeling to receive this kind of healing. It is nurturing, gentle, warm and relaxing. It can help bring realizations to ones consciousness of self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours and allows them to be cleared. It has been known to shift physical and emotional pain.

Energy healing can help clear blockages and negative energy. It lifts your energy on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. It is very calming and relaxing. It can strengthen your immune system, clear your mind and help you face life’s challenges from a stronger stand point.

My aim is to always help people along their healing journeys with love and respect.

I believe we are ultimately responsible for our own healing and learning journey and therefore teach Reiki as a gift for people to use themselves and also to enhance the world we live in.

Healing energy is an integral part of all my treatments and is always flowing.